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Grass Fed Beef, Real Veal, and Pork

If you want good quality meats, you need to get it straight from a farmer where you know exactly what animal it is from (if you want to), how old it is, and how it was cared for. One thing for sure, you won't want to go back to the supermarket for your meats ever again. This page explains some detail about those products and offers some information that you may find useful no matter where you purchase your meats.

Beef and Pork Products

Grass fed Beef available by the whole, half or quarter

We do not retail meats from the farm; we sell a few excess animals each year only on the hoof delivered to the slaughter house.

Guernsey Steers make excellent high quality beef. We sell all steered bull calves born on the farm as grass fed beef after we raise them to the age of 18-months. We don't grain feed our cattle since that isn't natural. In fact grain feeding does change the composition of the meat nutrients, see this study. All cattle are grass eaters by nature. For that reason our beef is 100% grass fed; that's how we raise them for ourselves and for others as well.

We have several bull calves born each year which we promplty steer. We have a standing order for the first few born and a waiting list for the rest. If you want to get on the list for a share you will need to call early and plan on making an initial deposit immediately5.

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Pork available by the whole, half or quarter

We raise pigs once each year slaughtering in June only. We raise our pigs for exactly 150-days to an approximate hoof weight of 325lbs. Given the space and opportunity pigs are a very clean animal. They will neither crap nor urinate where they sleep nor where they eat. We ensure our pigs have a clean environment for sleeping and eating just how they like it. Our pigs have all the fresh feed and clean fresh water they desire 24/7. We don't feed our pigs slop nor dirty waste products of any kind. Our pigs, like all of our animals, are raised clean and with lots of attention which ensures they have a good and happy life right up until slaughter day. Pork shares are very limited.

Beef and Pork Paid in Advance

Our pigs and steers are always spoken for well in advance of the slaughter dates sometimes even before birth or acquisition. If you want to get on the list for a beef or pork share call early and plan on paying in advance. We do take payments, but all shares must be fully paid5 prior to the scheduled slaughter date. We do not carry any accounts in arrears.

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Veal Meat Products

Veal is a commonly misunderstood and/or misrepresented product. Commercially any bovine that is slaughtered not later than it's first birthday is considered to be some sort of veal and is often sold as such, but this is far from the truth. There is only one real veal which can easily be recognized by its nearly white meat. This real veal is a young calf that has been fed nothing but it's mothers milk and is slaughtered before being weaned or transitioned to the normal grazing of vegetation.

By nature a calf will begin to transition to vegetation by 8-weeks of age. To raise real veal beyond 8-weeks it will be necessary to confine the calf to an area where there is no vegetation and continue to feed it only it's mother's milk until such time as desired for slaughter. It will not be possible to raise a calf for an extended period on just it's mother's milk despite the fact that a calf will nurse from it's mother for as long as it's mother will permit which could be well beyond a year. We believe that to humanely raise veal, it must be slaughtered on or before 12-weeks. We raise our young calves in a large corral where they can run and play with other calves of similar age while commercial veal is commonly raised in very confined containment systems.

Commercially raised veal is quite inhumane since to get the most bang for the dollar, the calves are raised in extremely abnormal conditions to a size where they should have long been on vegetation, often 6-months or longer. These calves are never fed their mothers milk, but rather medicated powdered milk replacers which obviously introduce those medications into the ending meat product. This is kind of like buying buttermilk in your local grocery store; it's not buttermilk at all. But that is the USDA approved commercial product fully supported by your hard earned tax dollars.

We do not grain feed any of our cattle nor their calves other than the occasional treat for training purposes and we use only pure grain products that contain no sweetners for those minute treats. We do not feed a calf that's going to be sold as real veal anything other than it's mothers milk. In the event that a calf needs medication for some extraordinary condition, that animal will not be offered for sale as any of the below described products.

We have three different ages of young beef or veal usually when we slaughter for our own use once yearly. However should you desire a whole one, we do take orders for them. You can order a real veal calf and specify when you want it slaughtered but it must be paid-in-full upon order. When we slaughter for our own use we usually sell a share of that animal offered as a quarter or a half share. We don't always slaughter a true veal calf for our annual supply, but we always slaughter a young animal usually much less than one year old. The share, or portion thereof will be based on the price schedule shown on this page. These three ages of young beef are defined in this list:

  • Young Beef - This will be a young steer that is from 6-months to 1-year and is our most common aged animal slaughtered for our own use. The age at slaughter greatly varies depending upon when we need meat. As with all our beef, this steer is gass fed. He has been free to roam the pasture with all our other cattle.
  • Younger Beef - , aka Veal - This young steer calf will be 6-months or less in age and has grazed only on pasture grasses from weaning to slaughter on or before it's 6-month birthday. The meat from this older calf will be red, but very tender and lean.
  • Real Veal - This will be a calf that is 90-days or less in age that has been fed only it's mothers milk and never grazed nor fed grain of any kind. A true veal calf will not have been given any medications and will have received 100% of the colostrum produced by it's mother during its first few days after birth. The meat from this calf will be nearly white and tender beyond belief. Normally you can only find true veal at the finest of restaurants, and at very high prices.

If you desire any of the above described veal calves or a share of one you will need to contact us early to make your order because we maintain a waiting list for them. Be prepared to pay-in-full upon ordering and be aware that veal is expensive and we do not give refunds. The wait on young beef or veal could be as much as 1-year depending upon order specifications. Jump to Top

Beef Products

Beef Pricing

Share Price Weight4
Whole $1560 454 lb
Half $780 227 lb
Quarter $390 113 lb

Veal and Young Beef Pricing

Product Share Price Weight4
Young Beef Whole $1400 240 lb
Half $700 120 lb
Quarter $350 60 lb
Younger Beef Whole $1500 150 lb
Half $750 75 lb
Quarter $375 37 lb
Real Veal Whole $1400 61 lb
Half $700 30 lb
Quarter $350 15 lb

Pork Products

Pork Share Weight & Pricing

Share Price Weight4
Whole $750 150 lb
Half $375 75 lb
Quarter $187 37 lb

4 Meat weights are freezer pounds, not hanging weights nor hoof weights as sold by most farmers. This is the appoximate weight of wrapped freezer meat you will receive in the correct ratio +/- 3 lbs. All hamburger is better than 90% lean.

5 Refunds: We believe in business the old fashioned way; a person's word and a handshake rules. Therefore, when you make a deal plan on sticking to it. We do not give refunds, period.

9 We normally sell out on meat share a year in advance. We have a new birthing cycle that begins each early summer, but if you don't get on the list well in advance you're going to miss out again.

Meat Cuts - If you take a whole animal you get to choose the cuts directly with the slaughter house. If you take a share of an animal, then we have a standard cut that may not be changed due to the effect on other shares.